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Frequently Asked Questions



Why is the IWR Work Order Proposal Form in Greek? I canít understand it and I donít know what it says?

All of the parts we use have specific names. They are common in the industry. We must use industry standard names so our installers can understand and do the job right.

What is the difference between the job prep/service call and job labor? Why are there two prices?

These items are on your proposal form. Job prep is all the preparation we have to do in our factory before it is shipped out to you ó plus gasoline and administrative services. Labor covers the installers on the job site.

What is a sash?

The picture window frame that surrounds the glass. It can open or close or be closed all the time. (Stationary sash or operating sash)

What is a seal failure? (Fogged or sweating glass, canít clean between the panes)

The sealant (glue) that holds the two pane of glass together has failed. It is allowing the double pane glass to breathe. Itís taking in moisture fogging your glass.

Can I repair the fog in my glass?

No, because fogged glass is like broken glass and is repaired the same way; with a new insulated glass unit. However, there are companies out there that drill a hole in the glass, pump a solution throughout the unit, which cleans and dries. Then, they reseal the hole. However, this process takes longer than changing a piece of glass and costs about the same. Also you cannot perform this on glass that has bars between the panes or on tempered glass. Note that when drilling the hole you may cause stress cracks in the window. In our opinion itís not worth it. Get a new insulated glass unit with a warranty.

What is a brickmold?

Brick molding is the left side, top-side and right side of the outer portion of the window frame. Even if you do not have a brick home, the molding is wood, itís found on wood windows and the technical term is brick mold. This is also available from IWR as PVC ďNo RotĒ material so your brick mold will never rot again.

What is a sill nosing?

We talked about brickmold on three sides. Every window has four sides. The sill nosing is on the very bottom.

I want to go ahead with the order ó what do I do?

Please note we left you with a two part copy. One is white the other is yellow. You will need to sign and date the white copy, mail back to us with a check for the deposit, or record your credit card number along with your signature and either mail or fax back to us. Keep the yellow as your receipt. (Fax number is 586-749-8708)

Is it more expensive to repair or replace?

Repairs are always less expensive and are less intrusive to your home. When you repair, you may have to touch up paint. But more importantly, your drapes, blinds and wallpaper are not affected by repairs.

Is there a tax credit? Does our glass qualify for the stimulus package?

No, the reason why is that we are not selling you new windows or siding. We are repairing your windows and siding. Even if you get new glass from us that does not mean you bought a new window.

How soon after my install can I open my window?

Please allow thirty-six hours. Please let the caulking set-up and dry in a locked position to ensure that the window will work properly. If you open it before it dries, the window may sag and not close properly.


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