Seven Ways To Hire A Reputable Window Company

“I’ve been in this business over twenty years and seen just about everything that can go wrong with contractors around the home. So, follow these seven ideas and you will reduce maybe even eliminate the stress and hassle that can come in selecting a company.” – Matthew Cipriano, President and Owner of Independent Window Repair.

Here are seven ways to hire a reputable window company that you can trust and, that won’t rip you off.

  1. Call the Better Business Bureau. Ask them if the company you’re considering is a member. Inquire about their rating.
  2. Dial 411. Is the telephone number registered to the address on their quote? The numbers should match in the event of you having to track them down for any reason.
  3. Is the address a residential home, mini storage or commercial building? A commercial building enables them to buy power, housing parts, and have a direct communication with the customer. This further allows them to complete any job at a competitive price.
  4. Make sure your contractor is licensed, bonded and insured. It’s easy to show proof of insurance. But if it is not paid for, then it’s not current. This can result in a litigation against you.
  5. Ask for a written warranty on both labor and material for your protection.
  6. Look for uniformed consultants and installers with clean and lettered trucks. A reputable company will always support providing quality service.
  7. Ask if the actual installers are employees or subcontracted. You want one company responsible for the job and not a subcontractor that you didn’t hire in the first place.

As experts and also as consumers, we’re aware of the uncertainties involved in this business and hence, we are providing reliable services, which not only cater to your preferred needs, but are also not too heavy on your bank account.

Need help with your windows? You know who to call.